Architectural Services

“People come to me to buy surprise … but when people come to me to buy surprise, the funny thing is, that I dont know what I am going to give them either!” (Peter Rice – Engineer). For you the private client, or commercial developers, Declan Commons BA Hons MSc, Senior Architectural Consultant at PW, will meet your expectations to really good architecture, of its time and exceeding its functional expectations. “When an artist starts repeating themselves because they think thats what people want, its all over.” (Thom Yorke – Musician).

Sustainable     Design

“If nature is sustainable and beautiful, [why cant] we make things that are sustainable and beautiful?” (Neri Oxman  – Designer).Are you in interested in incorporating principles of ‘greening’ or sustainability in your building project?  My established relationships with suppliers and experts in various technologies ensures that the correct solution is delivered to your project at competitive costs. Let Planning Workshops experience guide your choices.

Planning & Applications

Your Planning Applications or Appeals benefit significantly from professional preparation and presentation. Planning Workshop deliver high quality negotiation and project management of the planning application process.  I have worked for Local Authorities and understand their aspirations and requirements. I can also best represent our private clients by bringing client and local authority requirements to an agreement.

Zoning and Strategic Planning

If you are investing in land or buildings development, Planning Workshop will efficiently investigate and advise on maximising the potential which is often hidden in these assets. Packages are tailored to meet client needs, and optimum development strategies are identified. Services include zoning and development plan submissions to Local Planning Authorities, Development Plans, Local Area Plans etc. on behalf of our clients.

Design/Planning Advice

Planning Workshop was founded by Declan Commons in 2005, continuing an earlier career in the UK and Scandinavia. From my core base in Dublin and NUI Galway, Planning Workshop service clients throughout Ireland. Your project will benefit from professional insight to help you assess how to best move forward – be it a small home remodeling or extension to expert advice on planning regulations or zoning.


It is perhaps the most incredible feature of our hunter-gathering ancestors that they left virtually no impact on the world in which they lived – just the odd heap of ashes and stones from a fire, a pile of discarded shellfish on a shore line, or the occasional figure of an animal daubed onto a cave wall. Our ancestors had to be entirely in tune with their natural surroundings, and their decisions to move on were determined by an instinctive knowledge, based on thousands of years of experience. Their calender was written in the behaviour of the wildlife around them. (Ray Mears)

Our Mission Statement

My belief in embracing sustainability, implies responsibilities and new skills sets for architecture, engineering, town planning, and the related professions, and ultimately in community culture. Consciousness is growing in Ireland and around the world – we are coming-round to demanding sustainability in our built environment, and acknowledging that we, as consultants, consumers and producers must all contribute some effort in realising this.

Client View

Declan Commons and Planning Workshop have represented our portfolio over the last 4 years, both in dealing with planning issues with County Councils (portfolio includes 42 hectares of zoned lands), and in designing a total remodeling and extension of a 200 year old town-centre house. He has also acted as advising planning consultant on tricky right of way issues in the High Court. On all accounts, he (Declan), has been excellent to deal with and to represent our interests, and we will continue to seek his advice and input in the future. – Patrick & Christiane Leahy-Coen, Limerick

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