About Planning Workshop

Why Work With Us?


I founded Planning Workshop in 2005, after a career and education in the built environment spanning architecture and planning in Ireland and the UK, and undertaking a Swedish MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure (KTH). In the early 2000’s I was lucky enough to be mentored by Nathanial and Dalia Lichfield and their team, two greats in international practice, and I gained UK and international experience in master-planning, urbanism, economics, sustainability as well as the core skills of architecture and planning.

Since founding it 15 years ago, Planning Workshop serves as a platform to deliver a level of design, planning professionalism and sustainability in projects that only a truly committed team can bring. The ‘atelier’ or ‘workshop’ philosophy of this company allows clients, technicians, regulators and creatives to interact together to find the optimum solution. Our methods work.

Planning Workshop believe in giving clients design, planning advice and sustainable building expertise in the one service package, which means real value for you the client. Based in Dublin and Galway, with head office at the Innovation Hub at NUI Galway, PW have a broad network of experts in specialised fields that we draw upon as projects require.


Declan Commons (BA Hons MSc)

Dip. Sustainable Community Development

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