Buddha Bar and Asian Tea House

This project took place over two stages: First our clients developed the Asian Tea House formal restaurant

at this Galway City Centre address. A number of years later they acquired the adjacent pub which was in

decline, and we development this into the sister project, The Buddha Bar.

The concept for Asian Tea House followed from the heritage of the client team Fung, Lee and Terry.

With many years experience in the restaurant trade, they wished to bring an authentic experience of

asian street food to Ireland, and raise the standard on the diners experience in an asian restaurant / bar.

The concept for the Buddha Bar came from our memories of researching in Bangkok for the Tea House

development, stopping on the Kho-San Road for a 1am beer and small bowl of noodles during late evening

team meetings, always mixed with games of pool. The memory of that ease of dining, socialising, working,

playing was what we wanted to bring to the Buddha Bar experience … less formal, more upbeat.

Architecture and Design: Planning Workshop
Planning Consultants: Planning Workshop
Interiors/Sourcing: Client Team with Planning Workshop
Landscape Architects:
Services Engineering:
Engineering Consultants:

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